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More is an ideas laboratory where skills and energies come together to research and develop ideas and projects. We develop an independent point of view and offer critical thinking on issues raised by our clients. Our analysis and our recommendations are always objective and factual, with the goal of helping our clients seize opportunities and solve problems. We invest in building knowledge and bring the most innovative thinking to projects and training workshops. We work together as a team alongside our clients in all phases of a project. We like to share expertise and bring results that create value for our clients. We build relationships based on trust and respect. The quality of our work, our professionalism and our level of commitment form the building blocks of these relationships.


We support companies through change processes and in the definition and implementation of strategies by integrating organisational skills with human resource development policies. We work in a systemic way with respect to the variables and dimensions of organisational success. We design the architecture and develop talents.


We worked with senior management at Roche to define and share “The Roche that I would like” action plan, aimed at supporting the company's position in relation to stakeholders both within the health system itself and in the world of media and public opinion. This plan contained a list of integrated concrete action points with specific deadlines and responsibilities in line with the strategic agenda of Roche.


The key focus of this project was the territorial integration between Area Managers and Key Account Managers in the management of complex customers such as local health authorities (Regions, Hospitals, Local Health Authorities etc.). We redesigned the integration mechanisms in the field and in the dialogue between the territories and head office, looking for a balance between the perspectives in the field and the needs of the brand. We identified the responsibilities and competences needed in order to f


Having already worked as a partner with Chiesi on the redesign of the Purchasing Department service model, we supported the integration of this model with the Industrial Procurement function. This integration was aimed at maximising efficiency in the management of all purchasing categories. Starting with a classification based on importance and availability of goods and services purchased in the industrial area, we redesigned the procurement processes and defined the most suitable organisational solutio


We had already supported Roche in the design of their Regional Organisation. The next project focused on the keys to understanding measures issued by health authorities (Regions, Hospitals, Local Health Authorities etc.), in order to identify areas for cooperation on issues relating to the sustainability of treatments and to build a market access value proposition. Together with key figures both in the field and at head office, we also finalised the integration mechanisms for the field roles and institu

MSL Road Map

With Boehringer Ingelheim we developed a project to collect, from both internal stakeholders and external stakeholders (clinical opinion leaders), expectations and perceptions in relation to the role and contribution of Medical Scientific Liaison. We then used this information to define a roadmap for the role of MSL, indicating the areas for evolution and change in terms of responsibility, mission and core skills.

Integrated Product Strategy

We carried out an organisational assessment made up of two projects. The aim of the first was to gain an understanding of expectations in relation to Market Access and Medical Affairs in line with the life cycle of products, and to define areas of responsibility and possible organisational structures. The aim of the second was to define the mechanisms for the integration of the skills of Marketing, Medical Affairs and Market Access at both head office (Integrated Strategy) and territorial (In-Field Inte

KAM Excellence

We supported Novartis in creating a development path for the skills necessary for the role of KAM. After reviewing the skills profile for the role, we ran a Development Lab where KAMs worked on a Business Case related to the issue of access so that their skill levels could be rated. Based on the information gathered in this D-Lab, we then supported Novartis in the creation of a Training Plan for KAMs.

Evaluation Designing

As part of the organisational redesign of the Regional Offices, we supported the State Property Office in the management of their job posting process. Based on the job characteristics of the new organisational positions, we defined target profiles and identified individual skills to evaluate. We designed the assessment process for individuals and formulated different tests. We trained the internal assessors so that they were able to manage the entire process.


We supported Pfizer’s GEP Business Unit in its efforts to develop leadership and drive for change whilst at the same time encouraging the adoption of a uniform skills evaluation culture. Our workshops were used by GEP managers to identify the skills of professional sales staff, from Sales Reps up to Sales and Regional Managers, and to define the operational behaviours useful as evaluation indicators.

Succession Management

Having already worked for many years as a partner with Astellas in the management of assessment and development, we designed a path of succession management for the role of First Line Sales Manager. The objective was to identify and develop a pool of professionals who in the future would be capable of covering the roles of area and sales managers. We designed the process, ran the assessment and mapped the resources in terms of organisational readiness and capability. We are following their progress.


Already partner with AstraZeneca in assessment management, this year we have carried out more than 200 assessment evaluations which have enabled us to provide the company with a map of current people and their potential in terms of readiness and capability. The interviews held enabled AstraZeneca to make informed choices about people and their development, helping in the identification of those with the greatest potential with respect to the opportunities available to the organisation.


For the second year running, we have worked together with DiaSorin global leaders on leadership development. We looked at examples of leadership both within and outside the company using the Strengths Finder as a tool for the identification and valuation of individual talents. We mapped the talents of VPs, Directors and Managers, identifying them as pillars in a global leadership model. The DiaSorin Leadership Model provided the inspiration for the whole project.

Managing The E.R. Phase

We worked with Boehringer Ingelheim to develop a new business model, providing tools to strengthen the management base. We supported management to help them face the challenge with awareness, understand the reasons for change, work on empowerment, speak and to listen to others, address priorities and urgencies, spread the concept of accountability to all levels of the organisation, and convey consistent and coherent messages.


We supported Angelini in acquiring the fundamental tools for effective account management. We held 23 editions throughout Italy involving 261 participants in order to provide a shared working method and tools that are useful in complex situations such as the analysis of qualitative and quantitative hospital data, mapping of stakeholders and implementation of action plans to define the objectives and organisation of activities.

Account Management Lab

With Thermo Fisher we organised a training workshop on issues of hospital account management. This was aimed at developing the analytical skills of Account Managers and their ability to develop and present projects in line with the context and needs of hospitals, using a structured approach and keys to understanding which, in addition to the medical-scientific dimension, also apply to hospital management and decision making processes.


We supported Angelini in the launch of a new product, from marketing workshops with the field force where we thought together about product positioning, to teasers aimed at engaging and motivating medical sales reps, right up to the actual launch. Tachifene - Our Essence, where the most famous Nose of Italy joined us in creating perfumes, bringing together two base essences, just like Tachifene: simple, fast, effective, long lasting.


We involved Pfizer in an experiential workshop based on simulations and role plays to practise pharmacist interviews. We introduced variables and unforeseen circumstances to make the simulations reflect real world scenarios and so enabled participants to test their communication and interpersonal skills. With the sponsorship of Federfarma we created a support video to aid in conveying key messages to pharmacists (Optimise purchases in order to maximise the profitability of the Pharmacy).


This year we once again organised Angelini’s National Meeting: "Elevation". An event in which we helped 400 people reflect upon their professional value and on the levers necessary for facing the challenges of 2016. We built an airplane, we decorated it with our ideas and we loaded it with our professional backgrounds. An opportunity for exchange and discussion, as well as a time for team building and fun.


A different kind of team building, which brings value both to the group and to others, for a company that gives meaning to what it does! We supported the Clinical Research staff from Novo Nordisk to get them to work better together to deliver value. A foster home benefitted from our efforts. We built wooden gazebos, refurbished tables, chairs, and a barbecue, and we re-erected a fence around the vegetable garden. We worked hard, we had fun, and we know that we created value.

Reportage, Video, Cartone Animato

In 2015 we supported DiaSorin in various different development projects. For many of these we got the message across by the means of communication management. We made videos on values, involving top management as the directors and actors; we documented the events with photographic reports; we made a cartoon about the history and the values of the company.


More is the fruit of the bringing together of different professional backgrounds and experiences; a meeting place for people who have come from Italian and multinational consulting, enterprises and communication. These backgrounds are reflected in the details of our projects and help to build an environment where ideas are born and realised.

Carlo is the Managing Director and co-founder of More Laboratorio di Organizzazione.

As an established and strategic client partner for some of the most important companies in the business landscape, he supports companies in the design and implementation of projects aimed at the constant pursuit of competitiveness. The analysis and design of strategic assets (organisational structures and development, governance and business models, decision-making processes, skills and occupations) are his main areas of specialisation.

With a degree in Economics, he has been working and building expertise as a consultant in organisational development and human resources since 1997, enabling him to support major domestic and multinational companies through significant organisational change projects.

After having worked for a leading Italian consultancy firm, where he became partner and head of four business areas (Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Healthcare, and Telecommunications and Media), he decided, in 2007, to make the move into global HR consulting at Towers Perrin where he took on responsibility for HR at the Rome office.

Carlo is a professor at LUISS Business School.

In 2009 he set up More.

Giovanna is a partner and co-founder of More Laboratorio di Organizzazione.

She develops and manages projects related to the main areas of organisational and professional development, integrating organisational and HR development skills at international level and with multicultural teams.

She supports businesses through the processes of change, designing performance evaluation models and working alongside management to define the tools necessary to identify the most talented people.

Giovanna designs and manages assessments and d-labs and helps people along their training, development and coaching paths.

After graduating in Sociology in Rome, she studied in London at the London School of Economics & Political Science where she acquired skills in psychology and organisational development.

She gained extensive professional experience in HR consulting at RSO and Towers Perrin, before setting up More.

Giovanna is an ICF (International Coach Federation) ACC (Associate Corporate Coach) certified Coach.

She is also trained to interpret and apply the Hogan Suite (HPI, HDI, MVPI) and is an MBTI Certified Practitioner.

Carmela is Senior Consultant in more laboratorio di organizzazione.

She works in the performance and people areas, coordinating assessment and development projects, coaching and training.

She has developed articulated methodologies and projects that integrate the different tools of assessment, feedback management, training and coaching. She carries out training and development of managerial skills through the "coach approach" and experiential learning techniques.

Carmela has more than 1,500 hours of practice in coaching, gained by supporting managers in individual group and team coaching courses at Italian and multinational companies.

She is a lecturer of the Advanced Training Course "Organizational Coaching Psychologist" - European University of Rome, Society for Coaching Psycology Italy, International Society for Coaching Psycology and of the Master of Training in Business Coaching (Business Coaching Lab) of WE+Network.

Before joining more, she gained extensive professional experience in the HR area at RSO as Senior Consultant and Project Manager, where she managed assessment and development projects, training and coaching. Previously, Carmela managed the training, selection and development activities at Infocamere.

Carmela graduated in Psychology at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome and perfected her training with a master's degree in Human Resource Management in Organizations.  She is qualified to practice the profession of Psychologist, registered in the Professional Register of Psychologists of Lazio since 1996.

Since 2010 she is a certified PCC (Professional Corporate Coach) - ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Coach.

In 2021 she acquired the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate – AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching).




Arianna is Junior Consultant at More Laboratorio di Organizzazione.

She graduated in Economics at Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, where she majored in Service Management focusing on health, marketing and communication fields.

She approached the design of training activities, mostly targeting the non - profit organizations developing partnerships nationwide.

She collaborates in the people, performance and officina areas, designing and participating in the designing of training path, development centers and engagement programs.

Lorenzo is Senior Consultant in More Laboratorio di Organizzazione.

He graduated in Economics at Bocconi University and attended the Double Degree Program at Sciences Po University, Paris. He also holds a Second Level Specialized Master from SDA Bocconi.

Over the years, he has worked in both the private and public sectors, managing and coordinating Marketing Intelligence projects, and he has developed solid skills in business processes analysis and the configuration of information systems.

He held the role of Economic Advisor at the Central State Administration.

In More Lorenzo works on change management projects, facilitating groups in the design and implementation of organizational solutions and in the development of the skills necessary to support the challenges of transformation and change.

Laura is a consultant at more laboratorio di organizzazione.

After the Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Media Studies and an international education, she undertakes several professional experiences abroad, both in the public sector and in the Institutional Philanthropy field.

Within the years, she gains a vast experience in the organization of events and conferences, focusing above all on the management and coordination of international projects as well as partnership development.

Later, she engages in the design and development of professional development and capacity building activities, mostly targeting the non-profit sector (CSR, Public benefit foundations and NGOs).



Marilù is a trainer, Senior Assessor and Coach at More Laboratorio di Organizzazione.

She provides consultancy and training and runs strategic workshops, focused on defining corporate vision and mission and redefining corporate structures.

She designs and implements development and talent management systems, looking at processes and the definition of responsibilities.

She has specific expertise in relation to the measurement and improvement of corporate culture.

She is a professional coach and runs coaching projects in companies in a variety of sectors. As a coach, she works on projects aimed at the growth of individuals, both in terms of development and executive coaching, following an ontological- transformational approach.

She has held leading roles in HR for various multinational companies.

Marilù holds ACC Certification (Associate Corporate Coach) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Valeria Bille is an Occupational Psychologist: and she is specialized in professional training and coaching for managers and directors.

Valeria collaborates with more managing projects and facilitating training sessions both in English and Italian. Valeria provides individual coaching programs and she acts as the reference for more in the United Kingdom.

As an experienced executive coach, she also designs and develops initiatives related to organizational development. Her facilitating style is highly engaging and interactive.

Valeria has 14 years’ experience as Talent Development Consultant mostly in the investment banking sector in London. During this period Valeria had the opportunity to gain experience in consulting, training and coaching on senior executives’ leadership, executive development and human resources strategic management.

Valeria is an accredited Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching (AC), the main professional body in the UK.

Valeria is an MBTI Certified Practitioner.

Fabiola has been supporting the team of professionals at More Laboratorio di Organizzazione since 2009.

She oversees and coordinates all the administrative activities to ensure the smooth running of projects.

She is the point of reference for all logistical aspects relating to workshops and training at More: from the choice of location to the preparation of training materials.

Fabiola graduated in Communication Sciences in Rome and has gained significant professional experience in publishing, especially in the fashion industry. She has coordinated castings and shoots and carried out press office activities.

Laura has been working at More Laboratorio di Organizzazione since January 2010.

She provides secretarial services in Milan and looks after the management control processes for all More projects.

She coordinates the logistical aspects for More events and training activities: from the choice of location to the preparation of training materials.

In the past she gained significant experience as Executive Assistant at Purina Italia, Zeneca (now AstraZeneca) and Towers Perrin, dealing with customer invoicing and the management and control of the reporting of project profitability.

Federico is Senior Consultant in more laboratorio di organizzazione.

He supports companies in the ideation, design and implementation of projects related to the organizational area - governance frameworks, reorganizations, process redesign, definition of roles and responsibilities - and to the officina area where, following a human-centered approach, he develops collaborative paths, aimed at solving complex challenges.

His experience as a designer in applying methodologies inspired by Design Thinking, combined with a solid background in consulting and project management, help Federico to transform elements of contrast into levers of change, verifying sustainability, feasibility and defining the right path for business development.

Graduated in Economics and Management, he completed his educational training with a Master in International Business and Economics at the University of Pavia.